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Latest Release :

Based On A True Story – Limited Edition – 11 track Vinyl with included CD version + 7″ BONUS single (single only available with this release, not to be found digital or on streaming services).


Choose the correct option for you in order to get the cheapest shipment-costs.

NORWAY AND SCANDINAVIA ONLY – Click here to order Based On A True Story – shipment within Norway and Scandinavia.

EUROPE – Click here to order Based On A True Story – shipment within Europe ( not Norway or Scandinavia).

USA & WORLDWIDE – Click here to order Based A True Story if you live outside Europe.

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6 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. Hello guys,

    You’re one of the greatest Celtic Punk band ever, I am sure of it coz I’ve heard many. And I am also sure that nowadays all the best stuff in this genre comes from Scandinavia (hey, this ‘Sir Reg’ band looks promising too!).

    Thus, the question. Do you plan to sell the last live album on CD and when? All the options I see are either download or buy LP.

    Thanks for the great music, guys! GWF for life!


    • Hello Dmitry! No, there are no current plans to release the album “Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival” on CD.
      However, the vinyl edition contains a download card so you get the full album as MP3 to burn on CD or play on you cell phone etc.


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