Great Reviews of Our New album

Greenland Whalefishers new album “The Thirsty Cave” has received some really great reviews.
Here is a summary :

“This is a tremendously good album and I feel it is the Greenland Whalefishers best release to date. Without a doubt “The Thirsty Cave” will leave the listener thirsty for more!”
Paddy Rock Radio ( Pennsylvania USA )

“Greenland Whalefishers have pulled out of their hat yet another fresh sounding album chockablock of some fantastic Celtic Punk” “This fine album is up there with the best of The Greenland Whalefishers I am happy to say and will I am sure, set the scene alight if there is any justice in this world.”
LondonCelticPunks ( London UK )

“After 20 years, Greenland Whalefishers new album is as fresh as their earlier material. I’d say that a Greenland Whalefisher album is like a Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbø.  They never let us down and we (the fans) enjoy it from the beginning to the end.
Norway’s best exports.”
Celtic-Folk-Punk ( Spain )

“Angel” is another example of the band going in a new direction and I like it. If Tom Waits and Shane MacGowan collaborated on a song, this is how it would probably sound….”
“I want groggy Celtic punk rock with catchy melodies, excellent fiddle and whistle playing, and music that makes me want to dance like an animal. Greenland Whalefishers provides all of that and are the top of the heap when it comes to Celtic punk music. Hey Americans, stop listening to the same Celtic punk bands and give Norway’s Greenland Whalefishers a try!”
ReadJunk ( New York USA )

“Twenty one years on the go and Arvid Grov and his band of merry Vikings are still pouring out the finest Celtic-punk this side of the Pogues”
Shit ‘n Onions ( Massachusetts USA )

“The Thirsty Cave” is available as LP on green vinyl With CD included.
Also available digitally at i Tunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

Greenland-Whalefishers - Album Cover


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