Hellbound for Hollywood – USA Tour Report 2010

Pictures added to our Facebook page. Click the link above to watch the pictures!

March 18: On our way back home to Norway. A long trip, tired but happy.
The tour has been a blast! Many thanks to Ryan, Jason and Aireen for housing 7 drunken sailors from Norway and all their effort to keep the Hellbound for Hollywood Tour going as smooth as possible! You are the greatest!
Thanks to Sean for getting the gigs together!
Hope to see ya all soon!!

March 17: St Patrick’s Day! Played at an out door  St Patrick’s Day festival at McMullans – Las Vegas.  Apart from that; What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…
March 16: Got in the car and drove into the dessert heading towards Las Vegas. As it is illegal to drink alcohol in the cars in the US, we made a stop at a small allmost abandon town called Baker and grabed a few pints.  Apparantly one of the hotest places in the US. We came in to Las Vegas and it was a great sight seeing all the lights in the night.
Had a splendid night in the city of…  plastic !

March 15: Went to Melrose and managed to do a litle shoping, getting some vinyls and grabed a few beers at the Snake Pit before heading towards Molly Malones to play.
Had a great time playing, cathing up with good friends we met earlier on the tour and making alot of new ones! Nice to meet you all!
Tomorrow we have the day off and we’re going to Las Vegas to gamble away all our money. Playing at McMullans St Patrick’s Day festival in Las Vegas tomorrow.
March 14:Stayed up until 6 in the morning… tired but happy! Spent the evening in LA and Hollywood,  just hanging around looking at the walk of fame and more. Had dinner at Barneys Beanery – Hendrix, Joplin and Morrisons hangout in the sixties.  Alot of rock history in those walls! Went over to Rainbow for some more drinks and even more rock history in the walls. A relaxing day with alot of laughs with good friends! Really looking foreward to play at Molly Malones in Hollywood tomorrow!
March 13:  Stayed up to untill 7 in the morning having a blast at Jason&Aireen’s house, too litle sleep as usual. We went to Carlsbad about an hour outside of LA to play at the Hensley’s Flying Elephant. Great venue, fantastic food, amazing audience and alot of great new friends! Tomorrow we have the day off.
March 12: Woke up 7 in the morning, damn jet-lag is really fucking up our heads… Aireen made our day, making an amazing breakfast! Thank you Aireen!
After breakfast we had a hard time getting in contact with the luggage departement at Heathrow. Our luggage has been found over in England, and is on its way to LA…
West LA Music was next on the schedule as we had to get some gear. Finaly we made it back to Ryans place for some beer, food and shower.
Our luggage arrived LA X in time for us to pick it up and hit the road towards Pomona California.
Played the Hellbound for Hollywood 2010 tours firt gig at the club DBA256, cool place full of cool cats! The show was fast and furious, we had a hell of a good time! Thank you Pomona!
Tomorrow we’re playing at Hensley’s Flying Elephant in Carlsbad California. We will be posting some live pictures as the tour moves along. First ones hopefully on Sunday! Stay tuned!
Atle-Hjørn at West La Music
ørjan’s sharing his fishing stories with Jason…

March 11: Odin’s birthday, in fact a 32 hour long birthday due to the time difference.
After a hell of a long flight we finally arrived LA X, of course without our luggage witch was stuck in Germany… Thanks alot Lufthansa!
Arriving at the airport we more or less got ambushed by these two crazy american dudes, who in the end turned out to be our road managers Jason Hendershott and Ryan Bangsund. Hello guys! Back at Jasons place we had some fantastic food and also a beer or two.. Thank you Aireene and Jason! Looking foreward to the first gig in Pomona tomorrow!

Trond, Orjan, Ryan and Odin the birthday boy!
Trond and Ryan

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